Auto Body and Repair Marketing

Marketing Done Right for Your Auto Repair Shop Growth

You have an exceptional auto repair business, and you provide expert automobile repairs and services to your clients. You’ve worked hard to establish your name, but your operations aren’t growing as much as you’d like. What you need is a consistent flow of customers coming into your business so that you can afford to expand, hire more skilled staff and plan what you’d like to next. In short, you want the funds and time to work on your business – not in it, and live the life you dreamed of when you began your company in the first place! So how do you make sure you’re always getting new customers and that you’re keeping existing ones happy? For this, you need a digital marketing strategy.

A digital marketing strategy brings people to your website, generates leads, and converts prospective customers into loyal ones. Fortunately for auto repair shops, Media Tech Plus offers this service. We work with clients in the automotive repair sector, and we want to optimize your business, so it becomes a leader in the industry in terms of sales, reputation, and everything in between. Here’s how we will help you do that.


Website Optimization

We start by making sure your website is optimized to attract traffic and generate leads. We ensure that your contact details, address, and map are easy to find, and use visual imagery that is high quality, authentic, and will appeal to your audience. We’ll make sure your website loads quickly and is mobile compatible. We’ll also ensure that there are compelling calls to action on every page.

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SEO to Search Engine Optimization

At Media Tech Plus we use SEO to improve your website, which in turn will improve your Google ranking and increase your web traffic. We’ll do this by optimizing your written content with keywords that people will use as search terms in the search engines. With effective SEO, keywords, your city, and your Google Listing are positioned strongly to appear on the first page of a Google search when someone searches for an auto repair service in your area.

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Content Marketing

If your audience is interested in your business and brand, you’ll want to keep them interested. One of the easiest ways to do this is with an effective content marketing strategy. We’ll create one that provides your website with relevant and fresh content for your auto repair and auto body repair shop. Our strategy includes monthly blog posts and newsletters for email marketing campaigns.

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Paid Advertising

Media Tech Plus understands the importance of getting your name out there. With our help, we’ll set up paid advertising and AdWords campaigns to promote a short-term offer or sale. It’s great for drumming up interest quickly and effectively as those who click on search ads have done their research and are ready to commit to a purchase.

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Social Media

Another way to get your name out there is with active social media efforts. Once you have found your audience and the right platform, we’ll help post social media content that informs and interests your audience. With the right material, you’ll enjoy increased brand awareness, reach more people and be able to communicate directly with potential customers.

Email Marketing

Your website, SEO, and social media efforts should generate qualified leads. A good email marketing strategy will keep these leads hot. We’ll help you compile an email database and create newsletters to send out to leads and customers. We’ll make sure that these emails are regular, unique, and with offers that will appeal to your audience.

ROI Tracking

How do you check that your digital marketing efforts are working? We’ll help you to track the return on your investments. ROI tracking will provide insight as to which marketing efforts are effective, and which need to be tweaked. We use Google Analytics and keyword ranking tracking to ensure that your marketing strategies have the expected results.