Network Marketing

Media Tech Plus is a marketing services agency that provides network marketing companies and their members the tools and branding required to build their business. We have decades of experience, and use it to help you:


the right messaging


the content


the business model



One of the single biggest challenges for network marketers is having the ability to present their company’s products and business opportunity to new prospects. That is why it is critical for you to present them with the right tools, apparel, and branding that do some of the work for them. It allows them to focus on establishing the relationship, and telling the story the way it should be told. Your job is to set the direction… Our job is to provide the tools… The member’s job is to simply present the opportunity. Now that is a 3-legged stool, with a solid foundation.


Provide the Tools, Training, and Branding that will help your members Launch and Build their business. 

One of the single biggest challenges someone new to network marketing has is figuring out how to be successful in the business. They have already decided to give it a shot. Give them the best opportunity to succeed by providing them a system that works.

So what kind of tools will make a difference?

  • Get Started” Tools - Starter Kits provide a step by step guide and a model they can use to duplicate their success with new members.
  • Recruiting Tools - Comp Plan docs, “Why Us” information, Support System overview.
  • Signage - Banner Stands, Table Throws, Car Decals, Car Magnets.
  • Apparel - Tee Shirts, Polos, Jackets, Hats
  • SWAG - Tote Bags, Backpacks, Laptop Bags, Drinkwear, Pens, etc.
  • Presentation Tools - Flip Charts, Product Catalogs, Comp Plan documents
  • Company Magazine - Provides legitimacy and credibility to your organization, and edifies its leaders.