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We make it easy for your business to collect and share customer feedback, ratings and reviews.

Most small businesses rely on word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied customers. Well, today’s word-of-mouth is online reviews — and you need to effectively manage and distribute your reviews if you’re going to stay ahead of your competition.

Media Tech Plus Reviews gives you a simple way to gather and distribute customer reviews. We’ll move real-time feedback from your customers’ phones to your inbox — then we encourage customers to post positive reviews to your Facebook, Yelp, and Google pages.

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91% of consumers read online reviews when searching for local businesses.

Three reasons why you need Media Tech Plus' Reviews

1. Attract New Customers
People looking for local services search for positive online reviews before making a decision. Positive reviews can be the difference between winning or losing a customer.

2. Improve Customer Service
Real-time feedback helps you engage with your customers by instantly responding to positive and negative feedback.

3. Simplify Review Sharing
Reviews make it easy for your customers to go to your Facebook, Yelp, and Google Pages to write a review — and to share it with their friends on their social pages.

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Reviews help your business see increased results because it’s part of an integrated digital marketing Solution

Your digital marketing is more effective if it works together. So, when all of your digital marketing is with Media Tech Plus, your Online Reviews work in sync with your Site, your Listings, your Search Ads and more, to deliver increased results.

Yes. We can’t say it strongly enough – in fact, some sources, like Forbes, consider generating reviews “the single most important thing [a small business] can do to attract new customers.” Online reviews are the new word of mouth advertising. When a consumer is shopping online today, often the first thing they’ll look for is customer reviews – either of the business itself or the services and products they provide.
The easy answer would be that you need positive customer reviews wherever prospective customers are searching for your products or services. A more detailed answer would have to start with your website – when someone comes to your site, they should immediately see positive reviews. You can ask customers to leave reviews on social media, like Facebook, as well as on review sites, like Yelp. All of these efforts will help ensure that positive reviews are seen on Google when someone searches for you. Whether you try to do this on your own (an ongoing, time-consuming process) or work with a partner like Media Tech Plus, making sure prospects can see reviews online is a key to your business success.
As simple as it sounds… just ask. The vast majority of clients we talk with say that they simply aren’t asking customers for reviews. Of course, you need to plan WHEN you ask – right after a successful service call or delivery is probably better than at the bottom of a bill (although, that works, too). The other key is making it as easy as possible. If you try to manage reviews DIY, make sure you provide instructions and links on emails and on your website. If you partner with Media Tech Plus, we’ll help you generate reviews and make sure those reviews appear where they should across the web.
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