Creating Loyal Fans - Tip 2

Building and maintaining a loyal fan base is essential for successful bands and solo artists. It’s argued that a musician can make a steady living with a base of just 1,000 die-hard fans, but how do you turn casual listeners into super fans who support your career and purchase your tracks?

You should, of course, play live as often as possible, release your music online,  and maintain an engaging online presence, but there are several other ways to keep your following loyal and enthusiastic about your music.

Today, we start a 10 part series of things you can do to earn a living doing what you love.  

Tip 2. Play in smaller venues

It’s much easier to target new fans in a small but packed venue rather than a large but sparse one. Smaller venues also offer more opportunities for direct interaction with your audience, offering potential fans the chance to get up close and personal.

It also allows you to become your BAND ADVOCATES by selling CD's Digital Download Cards, and March.