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In today's consumer driven world, even the smallest details matter when looking for new customers to drive business growth. Nothing shows this better than one important detail that is often overlooked: Your local listing. Though it could seem like just a small detail, your business listing is actually a critical part of a local businesses' online reputation management (ORM).

The other critical element to your ORM strategy is monitoring, generating, managing, and marketing customer reviews.  You need to know what your customers are saying about you, so you can address negative reviews, and promote positive reviews.  For successful businesses, online review monitoring is an integral and constant part of customer acquisition.

Media Tech Plus offers a comprehensive marketing platform for you to optimize your Local SEO by synchronizing your business listing, and optimizing your process for Customer Reviews.  We optimize your Google My Business page, and sychronize it with over 130 more listings services.  We also provide a Review Management platform that will feed out to your Social Media pages, and provide a method for you to engage directly with customers providing your company with a Review.